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Imperial Soccer Club Recreational Program


Rec Registration Fee

Ages 3-6: $175
Ages 7+: $195
(registration fees do not cover uniforms)

Our Fall Registration is still open and every player makes a team! You get to select whether you practice on Mondays/Wednesdays or on Tuesdays/Thursdays when you fill out our registration form.  We will have free practices every Friday in August between 5:45-6:45 PM at Lost Creek Park.  Our official game schedule will not be out until the end of August, and all practices and games will take place at Lost Creek Park.

Imperial Soccer Club Recreational Soccer

Welcome to our Recreational League! 

Our main goals for your kids are:

1) make friends with their teammates
2) to learn and to play soccer
3) to learn valuable skills that can be used on and off the field
4) to play in a friendly and safe environment
5) to fall in love with the game!

Imperial Soccer Club's staff works very hard to develop this program and we strive to treat all players across the club equally.  We look forward to seeing your child on our fields in our new uniforms!




Imperial Soccer Club Recreational Soccer

About Our Recreational Program

  • 8 game season (All games are on Saturdays)
  • The 4 free training sessions included
  • Practices are either Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays
  • The first practice is on August 6th at 5:45 PM at Lost Creek Park.
  • Volunteers are assigned to coach each team 
  • Professional Soccer Trainers will assist and supervise all coaches throughout the season.  These trainers will step in during training sessions offer a competitive edge
  • Volunteer Coaches and parents with multiple children will receive 10% off registration

More information can be found on our FAQ page here: Imperial Soccer Club Recreational FAQ

Make sure to bring a water, soccer ball, shin guards, and cleats to all practices and games!

Recreational Uniforms

All uniforms can be ordered through our partners at Soccer4All.  If you are unsure about which size you should order, you are more than welcome to drive to their local store and try some on! This is one of the many perks of working with a local vendor in our community. (S4A Location)

These uniforms will not only look professional on all players but will make your player feel part of something bigger! We hope your kid(s) enjoy the uniform kit as much as we do. These Adidas kits will be reused until the end of the Fall 2022 Recreational season.

For every practice and every game, your kids will need to wear shin guards, soccer cleats, and the proper soccer jersey per day. You can also purchase your shin guards and soccer shoes at Soccer4All if you have not picked up a pair yet.  Our Red Training Jersey will be used for all practices during the week, the White Game jersey will be used when your team is playing AWAY GAMES, and the Black Game Jersey will be used when your team is playing HOME GAMES.  The AWAY and HOME will be stated on your game schedules.

Recreational Division Schedule

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Field Locations

Click on this image for directions to Settlers Way Park

Click on this image for directions to Lost Creek Park